About Dedicon

As a non-profit organisation, Dedicon believes in a society in which everyone should be able to participate fully. Access to text and images is key to this.

This is why we make existing text and images accessible for people with reading disabilities. For them, we produce attractive, alternative ways of reading formats: easy-to-read, visible, audible, or in an elevated form you can feel. For example, information in braille, audio files, drawings you can feel, large print, digital files or hybrid variants of these different formats. These formats are used mainly by people who are blind or visually impaired, or who have dyslexia. 

The largest producer in the Netherlands

Dedicon is the largest producer of alternative reading formats in the Netherlands. To achieve this, we have state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal, as well as 27 high-tech recording studios, streamlined distribution facilities, 130 experts and over 350 voluntary readers. In addition, we can rely on more than 60 years of knowledge and experience. Here are our production statistics for 2019:

  • 3,340,606 braille pages
  • 17,000 tactile images
  • 13,400 large print productions
  • 2,460 new audio books
  • 70,000 audio books in our collection
  • 1,908,092 minutes of audio
  • 983,300 streams/downloads

Extensive service package

In addition to our extensive production facilities, Dedicon also provides a range of services, such as training programmes, advice and distribution. We also provide image descriptions and a conversion service, and we produce didactic modifications to materials, to make them more accessible.

A wide range of clients

Our primary focus is on education and the public library network. For this, Dedicon is subsidized by the Dutch Ministry of Education Culture and Science and by the Dutch Royal Library. Dedicon also regularly receives commissions from municipalities, public transport companies and museums, i.e. public services with a societal role. Due to the high social relevance, we also help publishers in making printed publications accessible in the source files, to enabling books, magazines and newspapers to also become accessible for people with reading disabilities.
Naturally, we also welcome any steps taken by the commercial organisations to make their text and images accessible. They too can make use of our vast knowledge and production facilities. Although not our primary focus, we regularly facilitate special projects.

Intelligent future-proof solutions

Dedicon is continuously investing in innovation. Our innovation team develops and realises a range of useful solutions for people with visual disabilities. Intelligent applications, like apps for example. Sometimes surprising, mostly original and always accessible. Innovations often come in the form of projects. These are temporary activities with a specific aim. In many cases, we carry out these projects in collaboration with national and international partners. For Dedicon, these projects are key to developing new, innovative solutions for people with reading disabilities. They provide direction to our future and to theirs!

‘Making-things-possible’ mentality

‘Making things possible’ isn’t just a tag-line or slogan. It’s a question of our mentality. Everyone at Dedicon has their own way of ‘Making things possible’. By innovating and getting the job done. By cooperating and connecting. By being ahead of everyone else and daring to stick out our necks. By thinking about smart solutions. By discovering, experiencing. But especially by doing!